He had written the IELTS exam twice, but he kept getting below band 7 in the writing exam. He needs a Band 7 for his Canadian Express entry, so he was referred to me. He already booked another exam, and we had just a week to prepare and get it right. This time. On my first encounter with Emeka, I noticed he was a very intelligent person; he is an engineer, and he should not be having this issue, but he was, and that was causing him some stress. I also noticed he had some materials that I had not seen before; he bought these materials, which means he had invested in this thing.

He said, and I quote, "This IELTS is standing in my way."

So I gave my word that I would help him remove this obstacle: “IELTS WRITING TASK"

In our first class, he argued with me, he asked questions that I never even knew existed, and he made me feel that I had something to prove. In our second class, he logged out and left me there in the room. I waited for a while, and then I left the meeting too. Two days later, he came back and asked us to continue the classes, so I made him promise to listen to me, not argue unnecessarily with me, and commit to following my methods. To these, he agreed. I mean, he had no choice; his exam was imminent, and he didn't want to redo the exam a fourth time.

So we finished the rest of the sessions in peace, and he went to write his exam. Because he wrote the computer-based test, his result was released within 5 days. Then I got a call from him, and as I picked up, I heard him screaming on the other end. He screamed so hard that people around me heard him even though the phone was not in speaker mode.

He kept praying for me and saying I just assisted him in removing a major obstacle in his next-level plans. And he asked for my account number. He has not stopped referring people to me since then, and today he is in Canada, living his dreams.

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Emeka's Experience
That is just one story, hear what others are saying about us

Thank you very much for your assistance, especially with my letters. I was missing a lot of things that you corrected. I am really happy. I sent a 3k recharge card to your line.

- Kelechi (His 3rd attempt)

I would like to do a live advert in a class for you. When you have a general class, let me know so I can tell them what you did for me.

- Cletus (His 1st & final attempt)

An absolutely phenomenal and highly cerebral academic coach of international standard, offering qualitative coaching and hand-holding many to stardom… Providing survival pathways in the future for today's people.

- Nnaemeka (His 1st & final attempt)

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